Kelsey and Terrance: the first appointment

Guess who’s having a baby?

Kelsey (21) and Terrance (25) and baby (blank) makes three. Today, July 21, 2012 was their first appointment at the FABEN OB/GYN (Baptist Medical Pavillion). FABEN is a slick acronym for each of the five partner’s first names: Felicia (Fox), Ana (Hicks), Bettina (Kohaut), Evaleen (Caccam), and Natasha (Eliz). Get it?

I got a clue rather late in the appointment to chronicle the events via android photos and then post to my website to share with the grandparents in Palm Bay, Kelsey’s dad and family, and all of Baby Scarborough’s aunties, uncles, and supportive family and friends. Eventually, I will create a separate website for the baby for gift registry and all of the other fun things Kelsey and Terrance choose to share. Indeed this moment of surprise sent me straight to Tampa for a respite and a pitcher of Sangria, but now, IT’S ON! I am going to be a grandmother and it’s rather exciting.

After checking in, Kelsey had her vitals taken and Terrance and I remained in the waiting room looking crazy and left out. THEN, they called us both back and we witnessed the first ultrasound. The results were a beautiful, gray-shaped wad of gum called a nine-week embryo. How beautiful! Terrance thinks it’s a boy and already has sweater-vests and baby argyle planned, but Kelsey and I are holding out for a girl. Can the church say pink? PINK (and green).The countdown is on and the official date for delivery is February 21, 2012.

Baby Scarborough’s first photograph. Isn’t technology amazing?

So, we leave room #1 and go to room #2 where the very competent and experienced nurse Gaby gives Kelsey a bounty of blue-bag goodies that included everything from magazines to prenatal vitamin samples to a nausea lollipop? Wow. Things have really changed because I’ve been feeding her saltine crackers and recommended apricot nectar. Guess those are “old school remedies.”

Kelsey was most bummed when told she couldn’t eat sushi during her pregnancy. I”m baffled by her dismay as she can’t even afford sushi during this pregnancy, but shrimp tempura and salmon is on me once you deliver five healthy fingers and five healthy toes. After that, I “Philadelphia Roll” got you Kelsey ~

Then, Dr. Bettina Kohaut, M.D. enters the room. She’s the B in FABEN. Kelsey will see all five of the partners in rotation through her pregnancy, and whomever is on call February 21st (or thereabout) will deliver the baby. She had the option to select just one of the partners, but remaining flexible gives her a variety of medical insight, and she will be familiar with each physician in the even of an emergency or a…birth.

So that’s about it. The next appointment is August 10th and until then, immediate days call for more gagging and sleeping for Kelsey and more pacing and stress for a future young daddy.

As for me and my brand new grandma role, I say bring on the catalogues, baby books, articles, nursery ideas, Elmo Palooza, TLC documentaries, reasons to cook for Kelsey, reasons to visit Kelsey, reasons to peruse baby departments, reasons to start a brag blog and just a new reason to live and welcome a new life.

4 comments on “Kelsey and Terrance: the first appointment

  1. oooohhh, that is so sweet. 10 years you are going to look back at this and cry. The beginning . So sweet. Let the church say Pink lol Peace and Blessing. Kathy Lilly


  2. Peace and Blessings Family! Love the documentary 😉 and truly enjoyed reading all the info that answered those lingering questions. I am most excited and definitly awaiting the new addition to the Ethel Clan! LOL. Love you both and Terrance makes three (or four. . .)!


  3. WONDERFUL PEACE AND CONTINUED HEALTHY BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THE THE DOCUMETARY 😉 – well written and definitly answers all the lingering questions. Can’t wait for the next update on August 10th!


  4. Hey Family,
    Can’t wiat for the next post I pray all is well with the new baby and new baby family members. You are in for a huge joyous ride. May God richly bless you all. I’m continually praying for you all and I love you.

    Grand Auntie Nat


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