IT’S A GIRL ~ and her name shall be…

We’ve known for a good month or two that my grand daughter to be is a girl. Whose happier than me that I don’t have to endure buying blue Onesies with truck and airplane appliques? I am leading a pastel pink, ballerina motif brigade and yes, she will have head bands galore, and yes, I have already purchased her first (0 to 3 months) “Calvin Klein” outfit.

Yet, I insist that I am not grandmother “smitten.”

Of course she’ll be beautiful…look at her parents. Kelsey and Terrance: tall, gorgeous, handsome, in love, and broke! It’s the American way folks, but that’s what grandmothers and family and friends and pseudo friends are for.

Of course she’s having a baby shower, and of course she’s registered at Babies ‘R Us, and of course she’ll also register at Target, but we are holding out until January since my grand baby (I love saying that) will not be born until February 21st. Why yes…of course you’ll be invited as well. Of course.

I must say, I’ve never seen Kelsey happier. She wears motherhood-to-be well, but more important, she just completed the fall semester of her senior year at Jacksonville University and danced like a mad woman in every ballet, modern, and jazz class…baby in tow. Those babies are very durable, (I must say).

When Kelsey learned of her pregnancy, she was cast in graduate student Michelle Murray’s MFA project at JU (photo right). It would be her last performance before she “never got fat.”

Allow me to also boast that she choreographed an excellent senior project titled, “Journey” and wouldn’t you know it? She has decided to also name her daughter:

Journey Nicole Scarborough

Kelsey is carrying rather small, but after devouring seven servings of Thanksgiving meals, she’s gone from a volley ball to a duck-waddling, arched-back, cranky “so and so” who’s always craving fried green tomatoes. The latter is most strange because she NEVER ate them prior to her pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Kelsey, I couldn’t eat enough mangoes and watermelon…still can’t.

Kelsey was also a full-rotation kicker so there is no sympathy or compassion to be offered by me when she (constantly) complains that “Journey” is the most active baby EVER:

Kelsey meet Karma…Karma meet Kelsey.

Of course the real fun doesn’t start until she feels her first contraction and I will be “Mommy on Deck” to witness how God “pays it forward.” I’m certainly not wishing a horrid, marathon of pain on my only child, but I want her to really feel and understand the essence of what I endured to bring her into this world. Labor gives new meaning to the adage: “No pain, no gain.”

I’m excited. A baby…ten fingers, ten toes, two eyes, one nose and a healthy heart that beats to the key of love. Many have asked, what will I have her call me? Well, since my mother is still very much alive and is a great-grandmother, she is referred to as “Grandma” by her grands, and “Gi-Gi” by her great-grands. I’ve never been fond of the letter G (with the exception of God…the best use of an otherwise awkward alpha). So, I think I’m going to go all out and pounce on the positive, progressive, passionate, and particularly powerful – alliterative “P.”

I shall be called: “Nana P”

Never shall I be confused with all the other in-family Grand ma’s  and G’ma’s and Who-ma’s. There can be and will ever only be, one “Nana P.”  That’s me!

If I haven’t said it often enough Kelsey, allow me to remind you once more, and then again, and then once more again: I love you immensely (more than sushi and the sky).

You are blessed and a blessing to mankind. Your steps are ordered and God has a very finite purpose for you in this life. I am proud of you and your choices because they are YOUR choices and more than anything, I want you to continue to grow and be the remarkable young woman of promise that you are.

You are the head, not the tail; You are the first, not the last; You are the most and NEVER the least. May you and your family be blessed beyond measure and may the blessings of the Lord make you rich and add no sorrow to it.

All that you are and all that you do is honorable. Be proud and hold your head high, and ALWAYS walk in authority; live your life without apology.

I love you ~ Mom

February 2012 ~ Bring it.

Penny Dickerson 2011

7 comments on “IT’S A GIRL ~ and her name shall be…

  1. Execellent piece Nana P.


  2. Congratulations and much love to you “Nana P”


  3. Penny.
    Remarkable. Kelsey is well blessed and she has learned from her mother’s knee. I have never seen Kelsey dance. But she has the gifts, I am sure that was also given to her mother…tenacity, grace and determination “GIFTS.”. The Master have given you talents and they have increased ten-fold. Congratulations to you all. A great mother your daughter shall be Nana P.


  4. Congratulatin Nana,
    Kelsey in the mirror of you.


  5. To one of my favorite writers,
    I’ve been following your blog since your first posting, and I’ve finally mustered up the courage to post a comment. I just wrote to the beautiful woman that is your daughter and thanked her for blessing my life along with you. I met you when I wasn’t old enough to appreciate the magnitude of God’s blessings, but now that I’ve been able to look back over my life at 22 I can truly say that I am a blessed woman to have been in the presence of you. I thank you for letting your light shine to the edges of the earth, and speaking life into a young 17 year old black girl from North Carolina who didn’t know her worth. I am currently getting my Masters in Classical Acting from The Academy For Classical Acting at George Washington University, where I serve on campus as Assistant Protestant Chaplain. I work part-time at the Shakespeare Theatre Company and I’m working towards building the arts community in Liberia. I will be in LA this time next year and when I get my first nomination for best supporting, leading, or cast anything you will definitely be on the list of gratitudes. You were my mentor, friend, and 1 of the first people that ever told me I had enough talent to persue an acting career. I thank God for you, and I will continue to be an avid supporter of “Nana P”(sounds like a great title for a book 🙂 Love Always
    Crashonda Edwards


  6. CRASH ~ I am elated to hear from you and not a bit surprised by your endeavors and accomplishments. Daughter of fine times and fond memories in Winston-Salem; North Carolina School of the Arts; The National Black Theatre Festival; You still got that Louis Vuitton satchel I gave you? (I could kick myself for that!). I have missed you, but never questioned that you were somewhere doing great things, always the RIGHT thing, but more important: your own thing. CRASHonda ~ CRASH daughter, but never burn. I love you much and thank you for your support. Demi and I keep in touch well and he still refers to me as, “Mama P.” So, now I transition to “Nana P.” You know me: I am just me. MUAH ~


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