Waiting at hospital, and one thing made it worse | jacksonville.com

Waiting at hospital, and one thing made it worse | jacksonville.com.

2 comments on “Waiting at hospital, and one thing made it worse | jacksonville.com

  1. Penny,

    I wish I could tell you that your situation was isolated but, it isn’t. Further, it may seem racially motivated because of the circumstance but I can also assure you that anglo-americans suffer the same treatment. Three years ago, I experienced this type of treatment with my wife. My wife is the light of my life and to see her laying in pain with a gall bladder attack and no one paying any attention because of our health care status was unconscionable. We have both been small business owners contributing to the tax base of our country and investing in the economy but not a large enough business to afford complete health care. I, like you, had to rage against the situation before anyone cared. I know some people are looking for an entitlement, I just want to be able to take care of my family without becoming a homeless statistic.


    • Higbe,

      I love both you and Jules ~

      I’m going to write a “Penny Post” inspired by your very poignant reply.
      Absolutely my situation is not isolated, nor should mine, nor yours, be
      tolerated. I actually just left the cardiologist, and my physician and I
      had unbelievable discourse regarding why he left Mayo Clinic to practice
      his specialty in a much less glamorous setting. So much to be said, so
      much to be learned, so many things wrong with our country, but nothing
      as overwhelmingly pitiful as the current state of health care. Thank you
      for sharing your truths and thoughts. I am certain a faction of Anglo-Americans
      do indeed suffer inequities. My editorial position was simply that on this day,
      one didn’t. I absolutely don’t live in a “racial bottle.” What’s universal is generally
      controversial too. Love to you. P


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