THANK YOU: my “Address Africa” donors

go fund meWe made GOAL!

Thank you immensely to my family and friends for your unwavering support as I embark upon a Godly assignment and magnificent journey with Mercy Ships Africa Mercy in Senegal.

While your photographs are below (randomly tiled by wordpress), I wanted to share you with the world. None are greater than the other as you each played an integral role in meeting my goal.

Collectively you are:

A two-time presidential appointee and foremost consultant on African trade; an accomplished stage/television actress whose boss is Tyler Perry and who calls Oprah Winfrey’s network home; my daughter and dancer who unselfishly coaches “The Fly Girls” at a Title I school while raising two of the world’s next best geniuses; a 29-year U.S. Army retiree who is a cultural product entrepreneur; a U.S. Air Force reservist who currently procures billion dollar contracts for the FAA; a dancer/executive director/model who was named one of Jacksonville’s most beautiful women; a Villanova University law graduate and soror who sweats her way through life with both fitness and finesse; a jewel who is my first love’s daughter, and he was a gem. Rest in Peace J.

My long-term editor extraordinaire who is a Roslyn Carter Mental Health Fellow and the force behind the National Association of Black Journalists (Tampa Bay chapter); a philanthropist and global purveyor of African-American art and culture; a Philadelphia dancer/artist who currently keeps a regional Hilton Hotel sales force in line; an Alvin Ailey trained dancer who bolted from New York to Vienna while a youngster to play “Rum-Tum Tuggar” in Cats and is now an established photographer; three public relations executives who prove women run the world; two poet/writers who ya’ll ain’t ready for.

Pastor Quincy Griffin, Sr. and Lady Michelle who just acquired 16,000 acres of land to fulfill a Godly vision as they lead Family Worship & Praise Center into a new dimension; a health insurance expert who is my soror, an ordained minister, was my wedding’s matron of honor and that friend who has never left my side; a Walt Disney World executive who has been my media representative for six Disney Dreamer Academy cycles; a “pink and green crazy” soror/elder who sells more Mary Kay than wolf tickets; my Tennessee cousin who is U.S. Army & Postal Service retired and continues to navigate life as an angel.

You are a soror, dear friend, and ever-present support who is the pride of Johnson & Johnson; a breast cancer survivor who is an activist and executive director of a thriving non-profit for guess what? CANCER; an autism mom who is a former beauty queen and current educator extraordinaire; a communication’s manager for an HBCU who is the world’s most gentle soul; a gorgeous friend, of a deceased mutual friend who I have only met once, but she had a heart to help, and I thank her. You are my mother who personfies strength and wisdom each time she breaths and you are me: the first investor and keeper of my own dreams.

My support team is awesome. Who you hangin’ with?               




5 comments on “THANK YOU: my “Address Africa” donors

  1. Very proud of you Ms., P be safe, Stay Loved, Stay Blessed on this journey!


  2. This was absolutely beautiful!!! Penny, you write so effortlessly and cause any reader to anticipate every word to come!
    I am so glad you were obedient to God’s assignment for you, He will definitely keep you & carry you along this journey. Love you!


  3. Congrats penny. Looking forward to hearing more of your experience while in Senegal!


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