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Obama Trumps Trump

It seems trite to blog such a political, career-altering event.  But I must.  It has galvanized a social network to launch a blitz-post akin to an online flash mob.  Everybody is going to write about this. Everyone is talking about this – as well they should. A man responsible for claiming the lives of thousands is dead. […]

VOTE ALVIN BROWN for Jacksonville’s Mayor

“Jacksonville Florida may elect its first black mayor” http://www.bet.com/news/politics/2011/03/30/jacksonville-florida-may-elect-its-first-black-mayor.html “Should majority black cities have a black mayor?”  http://thefreshxpress.com/2009/09/should-majority-black-cities-have-a-black-mayor/ Alvin Brown sure is a good looking guy.  Clean shaven with trusting eyes. Pearly white teeth and flawless skin showing no sign of wrinkle or stress from campaign rigors or life’s daily regime. Pinstripe dapper and politically […]

Am I supposed to be a racist (now)?

The world around me feels loud. It’s voluminous and lathered with election minutiae along with alternate facts followed by protests and marches by women whose roar and righteousness was recently heard worldwide. I’m down. I would have marched. I would have joined the masses and pieced together an eighth-grade poster board sign that spoke to the […]

Mayoral Races To Watch

Mayoral races to watch.

Florida Governor Rick Scott Cuts Air

Floridians will lose their alienable right to breathe thanks to Governor Rick Scott. It appears that air is the latest culprit to suffer the governor’s magnificent machete as he swings without aiming to cut-off funding for everything from aid for the disabled, medicare and medicaid, funding for HBCU’s, teacher’s compensation, high-speed rail, and just last […]