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Click to Contact Penny Dickerson


Tallahassee, Florida

(Telecommute capabilities)

  • Independent Journalist
  • Freelance Writer
  • Publishing Support: query letters, editing, manuscript development
  • Grant, Proposals, Business Letters
  • Blogger (special interests: Healthcare, Arts, Community, Education)
  • English professor @ Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ).


One comment on “Click to Contact Penny Dickerson

  1. To one of my favorite writers,
    I’ve been following your blog since your first posting, and I’ve finally mustered up the courage to post a comment. I just wrote to the beautiful woman that is your daughter and thanked her for blessing my life along with you. I met you when I wasn’t old enough to appreciate the magnitude of God’s blessings, but now that I’ve been able to look back over my life at 22 I can truly say that I am a blessed woman to have been in the presence of you. I thank you for letting your light shine to the edges of the earth, and speaking life into a young 17 year old black girl from North Carolina who didn’t know her worth. I am currently getting my Masters in Classical Acting from The Academy For Classical Acting at George Washington University, where I serve on campus as Assistant Protestant Chaplain. I work part-time at the Shakespeare Theatre Company and I’m working towards building the arts community in Liberia. I will be in LA this time next year and when I get my first nomination for best supporting, leading, or cast anything you will definitely be on the list of gratitudes. You were my mentor, friend, and 1 of the first people that ever told me I had enough talent to persue an acting career. I thank God for you, and I will continue to be an avid supporter of “Nana P”(sounds like a great title for a book 🙂 Love Always
    Crashonda Edwards


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