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The Last Responders (Funeral Directors)

Three gatekeepers of COVID-19 death Penny Dickerson Apr 15, 2020 Updated Apr 20, 2020 Miami-Dade County morticians are tasked with helping area families lay their loved ones to rest with dignity amid social distancing mandates that restrict public gatherings to only ten people who must then remain six feet apart.   The business of burying the dead six […]

PLAGUED BY PROBE: Black mayors in peril

PLAGUED BY PROBE Are their encounters with law enforcement part of a vicious cycle or by design? Penny Dickerson Miami Times Contributor Apr 17, 2019 Andrew Gillum, Patrick Cannon, Ray Nagin, Kwame Kilpatrick, Marion Barry, Richard Thomas and Catherine Pugh all share a common title: Black American mayors. They share a common fate, too. […]

Small business is big for Blacks

Trending stats show how owners thrive in health, beauty and fitness industries. Penny Dickerson Jan 8, 2020 Updated Jan 8, 2020   Black females represent 38% of all small business owners.   Survey urban neighborhoods in metropolitan cities across America and your visual acuity will be drawn to the innovation and entrepreneurship of small businesses operated by […]

Two sides of homeless plight in the wake of COVID-19

A two-sided fight may cost the vulnerable a win Penny Dickerson, managing editor Apr 22, 2020 ;  Updated Apr 23, 2020 Miami Times photo/Gregory Reed The Miami-Dade County community learned that a public citizen known to be homeless passed away from coronavirus on April 17. He was a 26-year-old resident of the Chapman South Homeless Assistance […]

Jean Monestime ends run for mayor

FEATURED Miami-Dade County will not elect Black leadership in 2020 Penny Dickerson May 6, 2020 Updated May 13, 2020 I have humbly come to the conclusion that our campaign’s ability to compete has been greatly impaired by the current socio-economic environment. For this reason, as of today, I am withdrawing my candidacy for mayor of Miami-Dade County.” […]

The Tragic Suicide of Bryce Gowdy

Could Bryce Gowdy have been saved? The late Bryce Gowdy was a star wide-receiver, Georgia Tech signee and “professed momma’s boy.” Penny Dickerson Jan 8, 2020 Updated Jan 10, 2020 Read the full edition of The Miami Times The bright future of Bryce Gowdy was darkened by his own demise on Monday, Dec.30. A 17-year-old young […]