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State Representative Reggie Fullwood: Focused on Community

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Thank you to State Representative Reggie Fullwood for offering his perspective, insights, and political experiences during two interviews: the first was February 2011 and final notes compiled in a July 2012 culminated in the following profile published July 12, 2012 in the Florida Courier.

Rarely is there a lapse in media coverage when a political representative experiences a professional or ethical misstep. The Florida Courier invites readers an opportunity to enjoy an “aerial view” of Fullwood who offers constituents a chance to see the man behind the title.

This article is consistent with the Penny Dickerson Write’s brand: “Positive!

Special thanks to Fullwood’s Legislative Aide Jackie Boyd and Legislative Intern Earl Jones for their assistance.


State Representative Reggie Fullwood is pictured left with political colleague State Representative Mia Jones at the 9/11 “Remembrance Ceremony.”


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