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Edward Waters College Accepts $2 Million Gift


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Cultivating a friendship proved rewarding for Ed­ward Waters College President Nat Glover. His child­hood friend and renowned attorney Steve Pajcic donat­ed $2 million of his personal funds to the HBCU with no strings attached. But even with friends like Pajcic, the college needs additional funding.Nat Glover

Community stalwart and respected alum of the col­lege, Glover broke a 100-year barrier when he was elect­ed Jacksonville’s first African-American sheriff in 1995 and was appointed the institutions 29th president 15 years later.

He is credited with raising more college funding than any predecessor and further allocated his $250,000 pen­sion benefits toward scholarships for low-income stu­dents.  But even with a president like Glover, more stu­dents need financial assistance.

Long time friendship

Accompanied by his wife Anne, Pajcic chronicled his long friendship with Glover with a jovial approach that ended on a poignant note.  Among the parallels shared were how they grew up as kids on separate sides of Jackson­ville’s Beaver Street.Steve Pajcic

The Milne Auditorium at the college was packed with a sea of students, fac­ulty, and community leaders for Mon­day’s announcement.

“Anne and I have perspective on this gift. Yes, it’s $2 million – which is a lot of money for us – but it is far short of what is needed, said Pajcic. “Obviously, we believe in charitable giving and we’re hoping others will ‘step up’ and do their part for Edward Waters.’’

Remarks by Mayor

Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown shares political success with Glover as the city’s first African-American to hold the office. Brown also is an EWC alum. In reiterating the donation’s gravity, he shared, “I think when Edward Waters College is successful, Jacksonville is successful. We can’t be successful without each other.”

With a goal to increase student enrollment by 1,000 in the year 2015, Glover expects to primarily use the funds for scholarships and additional institutional needs.

“The good thing about Pajcic’s gift is that they didn’t require us to name anything after them or say do this, that, or the other,” explained Glover.  “We have a num­ber of needs, but one of our main objectives is to get as many young people in school so they can access an ed­ucation.”

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