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Nurse spots cancer on Facebook picture | News | Nursing Times

Nurse spots cancer on Facebook picture | News | Nursing Times.

Nurses can do no wrong. I bow to them and worship their clunky clogs and faddish Kimora Lee “Baby Phat” scrubs.  They own an impressive clinical swagger that’s rarely mimicked by their more high-income indulgent,  physician colleagues or the low totem pole physical therapists and Medical Assistants. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate all medical professionals, but nurses just rock!

Nurses are the essential human difference between getting a skillfully inserted IV  followed by the drug-dripping, soul-satisfying pain relief they slowly inject in carefully prescribed units of measure. A really GOOD nurse does all of the above without getting a speck of blood on your clothes or sheets (blood spills suck).

Nurses are cool.

They know where to find the  popsicle, apple juice, and graham cracker stash and they speak “English” so you have an adequate translator after your physician offers you grim diagnosis or hurried instructions you can’t decipher. On many occasion I’ve sat stymied by medical jargon only to anxiously inquire, “Where’s the nurse?”

The above link intrigued me because it showcases a nurse doing what her profession teaches and instructs her do best: snoop and uncover.  On this occasion, a nurse was perusing photos on her friend’s Facebook page when she noticed a distinctive feature in a child’s pupil. I won’t ruin the reveal because reading is fundamental to individual learning.  However, allow me to interject that  in social media slang, such activity is deemed “profile wall-stalking,”

I gladly welcome the peering eyes of a certification-earned stalker like the subjected nurse. She snooped and while a child does lose partial eyesight, a cancer is found and a life is extended.

How cool is that?  Nurse cool.

Penny Dickerson 2011

One comment on “Nurse spots cancer on Facebook picture | News | Nursing Times

  1. This was a fun post to read. Nurses will appreciate the appreciation!


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