Bethune Professor Publishes Historical Epic

                                                                                                                        Professor’s new book examines Dr. Bethune’s activism in Florida June 4, 2015 Filed under DAYTONA BEACH, LEAD STORIES, NEWS Posted by 9admin9 BY PENNY DICKERSON DAYTONA TIMES The contributions of Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune will be given literary homage in a new book by Dr. Ashley Robertson, curator, assistant professor and museum director at […]

Brown & Bookish: Encourage summer reading

Summer has every right to invite kids to water sprinkler fun, theme park outings, extended curfews, and an abundance of good ‘ole fashioned, uninhibited fun, but In the midst of the giggles and screams, please don’t forget to encourage your child to be bookish! The literacy levels of African American children are under constant attack as […]

Jennie Blue & her Boss Literary Luncheon

  Meet Jennie Blue, my dear sistah-friend I’ve nicknamed:  “Madame Wonderful.” A moniker should suit a person, and this complimentary salutation absolutely personifies Jennie. She’s a class act, an absolute “standard” when it comes to representing the most positive of interactions amongst human beings and skirts “mess” at all costs. Yes, you want to both […]

Baje Fletcher “A Gold Diggers Guide”

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Lyrical Soul

This  first poetic collection is built upon my love for language and it’s ability to leap high, reach long, and creatively crawl in free verse forms that range from couplets to narratives. Initially inspired as a gift to family and friends, it incorporates varied poetic devices that include lyrical verse, syllabic sound, slant rhyme and […]

What does Penny Dickerson do? “I write.”

I am an artist whose muse is language. My indulgence is journalism and poetry, both of which I utilize as a neo-duo I’ve coined, “curious creativity.” Information need not be reportage rote and stagnant to intrigue, nor must poetry “end rhyme”  to narrative emotion that transcends human condition or align with lyrics that invite language […]