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Ebony Magazine: Cancer Journals in the Raw

ebony-logoAs a matter of fact, these cancer journals ARE about me.

I pray that cancer may never be about you. For those who support my writing, thank you. For those who are hung up over the diction (that means there are three words of profanity in each), I also pray that your pious religious beliefs and judgmental nature(s) will allow you to understand that the Ebony.com journals are the following:

    1. A four-part series.
    2. They’re written in retrospect beginning in 2006.
    3. The goal is to offer a “real” perspective of what cancer is like from diagnosis to survivorship.
    4. Diction is word choice. I am unapologetic.


                                                                                                                                               Cancer is Crazy: Journals in the Raw (Part I)

Debut: May 3, 2013


Cancer is Crazy: Journals in the Raw (Part II)

Run: June 3, 2013


Cancer is Crazy: Journals in the Raw (Part III)

Run: August 30, 2013


One comment on “Ebony Magazine: Cancer Journals in the Raw

  1. Penny tells her story from the heart! I could feel every raw emotion in her Cancer Journals. I felt sorry for the nurses she fired and scared for Kelsey because her mama was sick! And, in a time when the nation was just focusing on the healthcare issue, how does a single person without a job and deathly I’ll afford to live, provide for a family and stay abreast of the mounting medical bills? Penny Dickerson brings these issues straight into the lives of all who read her stories. And, because I’ve had the privilege of hearing her tell some of these stories, I could “hear” her speaking from the Cancer Journals as I read them. Fabulous!

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