Ebony Magazine: Cancer Journals in the Raw

As a matter of fact, these cancer journals ARE about me. I pray that cancer may never be about you. For those who support my writing, thank you. For those who are hung up over the diction (that means there are three words of profanity in each), I also pray¬†that your pious religious beliefs and […]

Editorial: Shands Hospital Print Layout

“The Disparity Despair”

Medical disparities: Confronting race in care | jacksonville.com. Disparity is such a powerful word. I phonetically love the wicked hiss of the s, but the prefix dis (or should it be diss?), really says it all. I also appreciate how a unified cabal of urban slang warriors decided one more haughty “s” should alter the […]

Waiting at hospital, and one thing made it worse | jacksonville.com

Waiting at hospital, and one thing made it worse | jacksonville.com.

“Miss Jail 2011” Pageantry trends and spin

http://thestir.cafemom.com/beauty_style/118575/miss_jail_beauty_pageants_are Just when I thought I’d never hear Burt Park’s version of “There she is…walking on air she is,” a new-aged, exploitative She has stepped into stilettos and left her prison cell to run for the coveted title, “Miss Jail.”¬† My mind flutters with a fury of thoughts running the gamut from, “How does one […]

Congratulations Judge-elect Suzanne Bass

Congratulations Judge-elect Suzanne Bass

As a matter of fact, YES ~ She Won! “Penny Pundit” graciously takes a necessary pause from her usual political jabs at public service representative’s pitfalls and piss-fights to unequivocally endorse and promote a woman of integrity, valor, good will, and judicial qualification: Suzanne Bass. With the utmost respect, I delve into this blog endeavor […]

Minority Writers Seminar 2011 – Nashville, Tennessee

Click link to view full photo album of the seminar’s presenters and events http://www.facebook.com/media/set/fbx/?set=a.1822885303541.2097254.1582474487&l=e78587b134