Congratulations Judge-elect Suzanne Bass

As a matter of fact,

YES ~ She Won!

“Penny Pundit” graciously takes a necessary pause from her usual political jabs at public service representative’s pitfalls and piss-fights to unequivocally endorse and promote a woman of integrity, valor, good will, and judicial qualification: Suzanne Bass.
With the utmost respect, I delve into this blog endeavor with the best of intentions because it’s necessary and, well, a nice thing to do. It is as much a political literary pursuit as it is a gift to my good friend of “Circuit-Court-Seat” pursuit who turned the young age of 60 on Saturday, June 9th. Happy Birthday future Judge Bass, you don’t look a day “Over the Rainbow” and on election day: August 14, 2012, the pot of gold called political victory will be yours. Duval, Clay, and Nassau Counties will “even handed” elect Suzanne Bass Circuit Court Judge for Group 34.

As a journalist, I love a good story, and the picture to the left speaks the familiar cliche of one million words. An eager, forward-thinking, young Suzanne sustains that straight forward look which historically defines honesty and strength, but somehow I get the feeling that even as a young Public Defender, Suzanne Bass harbored solid, career aspirations of upholding justice and firmly slamming a gavel. The young defender is soon to meet her destiny; a just reward for challenging an incumbent.

Just like Virginia Slims, You’ve come a long way baby.” Look at the litany of accolades and accomplishments outlined above. Your current (and prior) legal and community life makes you more than just an “apt” candidate but more so, a definitive, qualified winner.  Unfortunately, most community voters aren’t even aware that it is incumbent upon us to elect our county and circuit judges.

Judges are public servants who make some of the most important legal/judicial decisions that affect our community. Yes. Some judges are indeed appointed by governors or presidents, but the election to be held August 14, 2012 is about community. It is the opportunity for a voting populous in Florida’s northern, tri-county to SPEAK their choice by selecting “B” for Bass on their local voting ballots.

Suzanne and I initially met at the San Marco Deli in Jacksonville, Florida. On that day, she was with “what’s his name,” and I was with “what’s his name.”  However, since then, she has been steadfast, unmovable, and positioned herself to be in the presence of the most important community leaders as noted in the image left. Pictured is Suzanne with Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown (of course everyone knows his name…a.k.a. “Hizzoner”). From initial meetings she and I enjoyed lunch appointments, discussions, phone conversations, (and my thumb getting slammed in a car door…ahem). I must say, I thought she’d be dead by April from campaign exhaustion, but Madame Bass is a MACHINE.

The beautiful aspect it is that she’s not just showing up in photo images simply for the sake of garnering votes, Suzanne really does love the Jacksonville community, and the rigors of campaigning have simply availed more time for her to do what she loves most: meet the people she’s advocated, represented, and/or mediated for over the past 30 years. 

True to her Suwannee, Florida roots, Suzanne easily transitions to Jacksonville’s urban landscape by walking “shoulder to shoulder” with community youth from the Jacksonville Coalition of Kids and/or supporting domestic violence initiatives.  She’s military friendly and proud of every American who courageously and unselfishly serves in the United States military.

As an independent mediator (legal proprietor), Suzanne has assisted countless First Coast residents in adoption precedings and/or served as an integral force in their quest to reach amicable solutions when discord threatens what some deem a “traditional” family unit.

Most impressive is that while some candidates for office embrace a posture that simply because they have declared candidacy and are running for public service, the public owes them their vote.

I admire that Suzanne is hitting the asphalt hard and with sincerity, she ASKS  future constituents for both support and their vote on election day, August 14, 2012.

For the aforementioned reasons and more, future Circuit Court Judge Suzanne Bass has garnered endorsement and support from some of Jacksonville and the surrounding area’s leading media,political, and civic voices including:

  • The Florida Times-Union
  • Former Jacksonville Mayor John Delaney
  • Former Fernandina Mayor Bill Leeper
  • State Representative Mike Weinstein
  • State Representative Reggie Fullwood
  • John Thrasher
  • Nassau County Clerk of Courts’
  • Asian American Alliance
    The mayors of Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Baldwin, and Orange Park officially announced their endorsements of Suzanne Bass for Circuit Court Judge for the 4th Judicial Circuit of Florida
  1.  Jacksonville Beach Mayor Fland Sharp
  2. Atlantic Beach Mayor Mike Borno
  3. Neptune Beach Mayor Harriet Pruette
  4. Baldwin Mayor Stan Totman
  5. Orange Park Mayor Gary Meeks
  6. Former Atlantic Beach Mayor Billy Howell
  1. Elaine Brown
  2. Matt Carlucci
  3. Lad Daniels
  4. Alberta Hipps
  5. Suzanne Jenkins
  6. Ginny Myrick
  7. Matt Schellenberg
  1. Jephtha Barbour
  2. Reginal Luster
  3. Marc M. Mayo
  4. James F. Moseley, Jr.
  5. Mary K. Phillips
  6. Carl M. Stewart

Whether she’s networking with women at the I.M. Sulzbacher’s luncheon or enjoying a light moment with community pillars like Carlton Jones, Suzanne Bass is taking her candidacy serious and hasn’t made haste with letting the community know that she is not only in the “race,” but in the race to win it. (even-handed).


      Oh 2012, how I love thee with all your national attention recently focused on “Wit Romney” challenging my hero and POTUS over silly semantics that describe the Private Sector as “Fine vs. Good.” (Go with “Adequate” Mr. President).

Nationally, the gasp and grind and giggle is all part of what makes every four-year, national election season tense and temperamental for candidates, but also contemplative and cautious for the American voting population. Your conscious decision to vote on August 14, 2012 is about restoring a healthy (and respectable) legal tone to the city of Jacksonville’s judiciary community by voting and electing Suzanne Bass, Circuit Court Judge Group 34.

In order for the aforementioned to be successfully accomplished, I additionally, encourage you to choose the candidate who has accepted ACCOUNTABILITY as the foundation for both her candidacy and service. If you’d like to follow the progress of the Suzanne Bass for Circuit Court Judge campaign, make a donation, volunteer, and/or keep up with her growing media mentions, please refer to the following website:   www.suzannebassforjudge.com

Suzanne Bass is mentioned in Folio Weekly’s cover story: May 12, 2012              
Focus: “…A Rare Election Season Challenge…” 


AUGUST 14, 2012

Penny Dickerson 2012

6 comments on “Congratulations Judge-elect Suzanne Bass

  1. Great read! Beautiful article and clear picture of the personality and ability that Suzanne Bass will bring to her future role.


  2. Wow she seems like a good person that really cares about the people. hmm she might get my vote!


  3. Thanks Dove and Kedra…spread the word. This is a non-partisan race and may the best candidate win, but of course I am pro-woman and advocating for the consummate pro-fessional! (She’s the better candidate!).


  4. If you are on the fence, just google the name of her opponent to see why it is so critical he be replaced by Suzanne Bass. Research at 1dca.org will show that of the cases decided by her opponent that were appealed, the VAST majority of them were reversed or remanded. If he was a solid judge, his decisions would stand the test of appeal. Vote Suzanne Bass for Judge!!


  5. I know Suzanne Bass would make a difference in our community and that’s why I worked very hard behind the scenes by telling all my customers how fair she is. I’ve had my personal experiences with the incumbent that opened my eyes to unfairness. I’m watching and doing my part as a community leader to ensure safeguard of the peoples rights. I’m very happy to see the best candidate win!


    • I’ve had personal experiences with him as well. I am so very thankful that the voters put him out of business in determining the fates of people whose lives and reputations depended on him to be fair. Congrats to Suzanne Bass. Thank you for wanting to serve for the greater good.


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