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Murders over Money: Bethune Cookman Tragedy

Murders over money Tragedy leaves gunman, two Bethune-Cookman students dead Penny Dickerson | 9/23/2015, 2 p.m. “Murders Over Money” Miami Times Online DAYTONA BEACH — Money meant everything to York Zed Bodden. Human life meant nothing. The convicted felon from Miami had dollar signs etched on his chest when Florida Department of Law Enforcement officers […]

Daytona Celebrates Juneteenth!

                                                                                                                       Daytona to stop asking about criminal convictions June 4, 2015 Filed under DAYTONA BEACH, LEAD STORIES, NEWS  City announces plan to ban checkbox from job applications BY PENNY DICKERSON DAYTONA TIMES Daytona Beach joined a growing number of cities around the country this week when it officially announced it was banning the box […]

Part I – “The Life & Death of Jimmy Jackson”

Part I – “The Life & Death of Jimmy Jackson”

THE LIFE & DEATH OF JIMMY JACKSON December 20, 2012   This is the first in a series of stories framing the life of James Roland Jackson III, known as ‘Jimmy’ to his family. BY PENNY DICKERSON SPECIAL TO THE FLORIDA COURIER Last week, America and much of the world was transfixed by tragedy. The […]

Part III – The Life & Death of Jimmy Jackson

‘I ain’t gon’ kill nobody’ Immediate and extended family members of Jimmy Jackson pose at the repast after his funeral in June 2012. His family rallied to his side during a 10-day hospital vigil in Jacksonville. (CHARLES W. CHERRY II / FLORIDA COURIER) Editor’s note:  This is the third in a series of stories framing […]

Part IV – “The Life & Death of Jimmy Jackson.”

“Hey, he’s getting robbed!” Witness describes night young entrepreneur died at Jacksonville nightclub notorious for violence February 28, 2013Filed under METRO Posted by admin Click link below to read Florida Courier digital archive http://flcourier.com/2013/02/28/hey-hes-getting-robbed/   Witness describes night young entrepreneur died at Jacksonville nightclub notorious for violence Editor’s Note:  This is the fourth in series of […]

Part V – “The Life & Death of Jimmy Jackson.”

‘He looked like he had money’ March 7, 2013 Filed under METRO Posted by admin  Editor’s Note: This is the fourth                                             in a series of stories framing the              […]