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Pineapple: A decadent choice for detox, diet, and dessert.

The Health Benefits of Pineapple


Thank God this tropical delight has a healthy benefit, because I love pineapple. I am not a respecter of pineapple recipes nor do I claim an edible entree’ preference for where it appears. Pineapple’s presence simply makes everything better. I like my cake upside down and brown-sugar soaking in pineapple rings with cherries floating in the middle, I am a bona fide, certified,  Pina Colada junkie (Virgin? you figure it out), and on a hot day, I’ll eat myself silly into the bottom of a pineapple sherbet bucket. I will also dump all of the life savers in an otherwise flavorful roll right out of the package to get to what? The lone, pineapple lifesaver.

If there were an 8th day in creation, God would have spent it making pineapple. Of this I am certain.

Often those things that are the most indulgent, are the least healthy…ahem: chocolate, cookies, soda, and pecans. Why pecans are so doggone fattening is simply one that eludes me, but let me not digress from my tropical rant.

Food Network: Simple Pineapple Sherbet Recipe


Last night I sought solace in pineapple sherbet to soothe a sore throat. Out of social media allegiance, I chose to make “Pineapple Sherbet” my Facebook status and low and behold, my frozen-delight- lickin’ sisters emerged. Surely sherbet is not gender specified, but in the latter case, women clicked “like” just like that. Like, Wow! Sherbet? Really? Yes.

True to my virtual mission, I took it upon myself to research and share. Why? It’s what I do: Penny Dickerson Writes.

I actually eat ALOT of pineapple, but really never knew if it is nutritious or not. It’s certainly marketed as a health-helper: packaged in sliced wedges and layered under plastic in the produce and fruit section. Chunked in fruit salads atop watermelon, kiwi, strawberries, and honeydew, and air dried and bagged along with apricots and bananas. How could it not be healthy?

Pardon the vernacular shift, but what it looks like ain’t always what it is. I was shocked to learn that the collegiate craze of the el cheapo ramen noodle was actually a  sodium-laced, fat trap. (How fair is that? They’re like 50 packs for $1.00). Drop as many broccoli florets or carrots in your boil as you want, ramen noodles are a no-no. Trust me!

Pineapple Shake Recipe ( with caloric scale)


Pineapple  is safe. Like any fruit, it breaks down into sugar, so portion is key. It is also a solid “fat burner,” and if you aren’t already aware of what your loyal fat burners are, take a look at the link below.

I was amazed, impressed, and now I am pineapple-informed.

Pineapple is among other Fat Burning Foods


Penny Dickerson 2011

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