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Plagiarism (Gasp!)

Attention ENC 1102 Courses:  Please scroll down and read or re-read the written assignment instructions with particular emphasis on the DEADLINE.

Proceed and enjoy this very informative and necessary lesson!

What is Plagiarism

By S.E. Van Bramer, Widener University 1995.


Because students often are confused about what is and is not plagiarism, I have prepared this handout to help you understand what is acceptable. There are some gray areas and if you have any questions, ask your instructor. Plagiarism is very serious and it can be grounds for failure in a course. So ask first.

Another important point is that as you progress in your education the standards become higher. As a College student you are expected to have your own ideas. To read information and explain it in your words. If you complete an assignment by copying material, you are not showing that you understand something. Only that you can repeat what the textbook says. This does not show that you understand.


Lets start with a definition:
Plagiarize \’pla-je-,riz also j – -\ vb -rized; -riz·ing vt [plagiary] : to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own : use (a created production) without crediting the source vi: to commit literary theft: present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source – pla·gia·riz·er nFROM: Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary 9th ed, (Springfield, Ma: Merriam 1981, p. 870).

Please reserve 10 minutes of your time to take the  following plagiarism tutorial.  

“You quote it, you note it”

Click the link below to view tutorial:


Please read the link below with examples on Plagiarism:

Capital Community College


English Assignment Help


Please read and complete the exercises in the Purdue Owl link below and record your response(s). There are eight (8) passages total that require your critical review.

Write both the question AND your response.

Head your paper according to MLA guidelines: Times New Roman, 12 pt., Double-Spaced, 1″ margin on all sides, 0.5 tab stop indention, centered title.

Sara Student

Professor Penny Dickerson

ENC 1102 – Hybrid

30 October 2014

Center and title your work:  Avoiding Plagiarism Exercises

Click the link below to access your assignment

Purdue Owl: Avoiding Plagiarism


Please write both the question(s) and/or passage(s) and your response; set your assignment up as follows:

1. Last summer, my family and I traveled to Chicago, which was quite different from the rural area I grew up in. We saw the dinosaur Sue at the Field Museum, and we ate pizza at Gino’s East.

Response: (begin typing your student response…)


Please print and read the following 6 (six) page PDF titled:

“Student Essays and Plagiarism.”


Here’s to good writing!

Professor D.



Penny Dickerson 2012 @ all rights reserved.

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