Why Anthony Weiner is a Silly Tweeter-Twit

Anthony, Anthony, Anthony.

The Shame you have brought to social media and the rudiments of basic instruction. Kindergarten students world-wide have laid bets that you also had trouble coloring inside the lines.

I’m personally not offended that you have disgraced the borough of Queens and humiliated Huma, your pregnant wife. Forget that your 17 year-old subject admitted that your interaction wasn’t actual “sexting,” and I’m even willing to suppress the fact that you don’t own a fly, smart-phone with “front-focus” camera capabilities.

Congressman Anthony Wiener, I am ten thousand ways “pissed” that a 21st century politician with mayoral aspirations doesn’t know how to properly TWEET.  And you call yourself a politician? (Gag reflex). Even my 21 year-old, college-student daughter has chimed in: “Clearly he shouldn’t have hit “skip” on the Twitter tutorial.” (Oh Anthony!)

(Link to Anthony Weiner USA Today Topic page)


I tried to maintain respectable Weinergate distance. I deemed this to simply be another political sex scandal worthy of sensational media coverage for a few weeks and then you’d shrivel like an over-boiled weiner (couldn’t resist). But then, I read a Wall Street Journal hard copy during breakfast at the Marriott and just chuckled my nappy head off when I learned you got yourself into this career-altering debacle because you meant to send a Tweet to one person, but accidentally tweeted more than 10,000 followers? Priceless. Way to go Tony. Me and Jimmy Fallon thank you. Oscar Mayer – on the other hand- is miffed.                                                                                              

Twitter Tutorial Overview

The only thing more humorous than your Twitter deficiency is your interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in which you not only lied, but improperly used the word, “manipulation.”  Gosh. I thought every politician knew the power and pitfalls of that pretty lil’ word (and its prefix). Then, you chose to “admit” that you lied. What happened, Bill Clinton ring your celly?
THEN, and this really is my last point, you fought hard and decided to “seek professional” help via a leave of absence. You would have been so much better off  just checkin’ yourself into Shady Oaks and sending an email to your trusted colleague Steve Israel. I guess in hindsight you did the right thing because gee, if you can’t Tweet, you probably would have accidentally blind copied the congressional listserv.

(Read Why Penny Dickerson doesn’t Tweet)

Today you are expected to resign from Congress. (After all, what would Barack Obama do?) Interesting that the press conference will be held in Brooklyn. This is probably your single best move as your New York borough of residence has disowned you. If there is a single, silver lining in this outcome, I hope your wife Huma reaps the benefit. At least now she knows to reject any baby girl name you suggest. Especially, Ginger Lee.

Penny Dickerson 2011

2 comments on “Why Anthony Weiner is a Silly Tweeter-Twit

  1. You are so right about the Tweet “thing.” You would think…well, no you wouldn’t think. Many of these people’s intelligence is grossly overstated. Which brings me to another point in this conversation. Today’s public figures—preacher-teacher, elected official, media personality, athlete, et al—are accustomed to special treatment. We, and I use the word in the collective sense, are totally at fault. We assign them iconic status for superficial achievements, knowing very little about the story behind the so-called glory, other than a creative sound bite or photo opportunity crafted by an ingenious public relations/marketing professional. Will it end? No. Am I upset? No. Why? Because I have a life, something I recommend everyone gets. Too much time is spent on hero worship and little tiime on true worship. Well!


  2. Wow all I can say is get him some help. He wants attention really bad. Yes the media make these sick people some type of pop icons. It’s a sad world we are in when we look at negative stories and glorify them to God like status. Wake up America.


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