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State Representative Mia Jones: “Destined to Serve.”

Link to Florida Courier Profile


It was a pleasure interviewing State Representative Mia Jones who proves to be as dedicated, efficient, and down-to-earn as my words depict.

Politicians often get such a bad rap, but I can honestly say I’ve never heard a negative word spoken about Mia Jones, but then again, I try and keep “Dream Killers” out of my ears.

This interview took place in February of 2011 as part of an ongoing series of profiles on African American politicians in the state of Florida and she joins the company of “Profiles by Penny” on Congresswoman Corinne Brown and former Senator Tony Hill.

Actually, all of the interviews took place in February, including the soon to be printed profile on State Representative Reggie Fullwood; however, they’ve made it to print in strategic rotation with their government counterparts from other districts in the state.

Of course since that time, both Mia Jones and Tony Hill have been given special roles in the Administration of Jacksonville’s first black Mayor, Alvin Brown.

Thank you Mia for such a lengthy and honest view and your wilingness to allow your constituents to simply “get to know a different side of you.”

Enjoy a prosperous year and continue to make positive legislative strides for a community who graciously appreciates all that you do.

Penny Dickerson 2011

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