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Jennifer Hudson’s Wealth and Weightloss for Lunch


I’ve got a great recommendation for you to endeavor next week.

Spunk up your lunch hour by supporting public broadcasting and also obtain new information regarding a very important aspect of your health: weight loss (gasp!)

By now, we have all witnessed the new and improved Jennifer Hudson of Dream Girls fame emerge high school-skinny as the new champion of  “Weight Watchers.” Congratulations Jennifer. Post Oscar and post-partum baby fat  has never looked better on a more deserving woman. Less weight and wealthier. Could this work for me?

Jennifer Hudson Lands a $1 million book deal on weight loss memoir


For those just seeking to lose those nagging 10 to 15 pounds that challenge the zipper and laugh at the mid-blouse button, perhaps the straight-talk approach of a lunch and lecture is more effective or preferred. Personally, I have some tough questions for a Registered Dietician  like, “Who are the nutrition Gods that decide that six potato chips equal one serving?” I’m actually not a potato chip fan and realize it’s all about the sodium and method of “chippery” that makes most things Frito Lay impossible to eat just one.

As I struggle to impress myself with a healthier mode of eating and improved quality of life, I am plagued by caloric charts, articles, and updates that send me spiraling three steps back and butt-fat befuddled regarding those things defined as edible sin.

So, grab an office partner, a cubicle cousin, or even one of your favorite wise guys and trek on over to WJCT next week for an enlightened lunch. It’s FREE, but you have to register as I and many others have already done. Follow the link below:


Lunch and Learn hosted by WJCT & Baptist Health

The next Lunch & Learn takes place at WJCT Studios on
Tuesday, June 21, from 11:30 am-1 pm.
RSVP by noon on June 20th.

Join WJCT and Baptist Health for the luncheon series that promotes women’s health!

Don’t miss Yvonne McCormick, RD, CDE, MPH, Registered Dietician, Certified Diabetes Educator who will discuss the topic:


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One comment on “Jennifer Hudson’s Wealth and Weightloss for Lunch

  1. I can say that Jennifer has come a long way. She was my favorite on American Idol! I am so happy for her. We as black women thinks it’s good to be thick but really thick is overweight. We subject ourselves to heart disease and diabetes. We have got to come to the realization that we are killing ourselves. There is nothing healthy about thickness. Monique has even lost weight because her husband told her he wanted her to live and be healthy. So I know for a fact the issues weight gain and loss mean. Lost a few pounds and I was off high blood pressure medicine.


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