Congratulations Judge-elect Suzanne Bass

Congratulations Judge-elect Suzanne Bass

As a matter of fact, YES ~ She Won! “Penny Pundit” graciously takes a necessary pause from her usual political jabs at public service representative’s pitfalls and piss-fights to unequivocally endorse and promote a woman of integrity, valor, good will, and judicial qualification: Suzanne Bass. With the utmost respect, I delve into this blog endeavor […]

Why Anthony Weiner is a Silly Tweeter-Twit

Anthony, Anthony, Anthony. The Shame you have brought to social media and the rudiments of basic instruction. Kindergarten students world-wide have laid bets that you also had trouble coloring inside the lines. I’m personally not offended that you have disgraced the borough of Queens and humiliated Huma, your pregnant wife. Forget that your 17 year-old […]

Minority Editorial Writers Seminar 2011 – Nashville, Tennessee

Click link to view full photo album of the seminar’s presenters and events http://www.facebook.com/media/set/fbx/?set=a.1822885303541.2097254.1582474487&l=e78587b134

Obama Trumps Trump

It seems trite to blog such a political, career-altering event.  But I must.  It has galvanized a social network to launch a blitz-post akin to an online flash mob.  Everybody is going to write about this. Everyone is talking about this – as well they should. A man responsible for claiming the lives of thousands is dead. […]

VOTE ALVIN BROWN for Jacksonville’s Mayor

“Jacksonville Florida may elect its first black mayor” http://www.bet.com/news/politics/2011/03/30/jacksonville-florida-may-elect-its-first-black-mayor.html “Should majority black cities have a black mayor?”  http://thefreshxpress.com/2009/09/should-majority-black-cities-have-a-black-mayor/ Alvin Brown sure is a good looking guy.  Clean shaven with trusting eyes. Pearly white teeth and flawless skin showing no sign of wrinkle or stress from campaign rigors or life’s daily regime. Pinstripe dapper and politically […]

Part VI – “The Life & Death of Jimmy Jackson.”

  Was the decision to go ‘gunless’ in the ‘Gunshine State’ fatal? March 28, 2013 Filed under METRO Editor’s Note: This is the sixth in a series of stories framing the life of James Roland Jackson, III, known as “Jimmy” to his family. BY PENNY DICKERSON SPECIAL TO THE FLORIDA COURIER As reported in this […]