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The Death of Library Books

Beautiful, Necessary, and On-point. I just had a conversation days ago regarding my love of a hardback and disdain for the idea of a Kindle. A book is relationship driven: we share the same sauce stains, doggie flaps, and heartbeat. I feel the author’s every word with the weight of each page nestled between those thick spines. Reading is sensory, yes. Cerebral, yes, but electronic…that’s for social media. Books baby. Good work William ~ P

My Quest To Teach

Computer Books

The Death of Library Books

Since the integration of technology into
public libraries and school libraries the
digitization of millions of books, articles,
papers and research materials more libraries
are feeling the pressure of the digital
environment. Offering more e-books and
downloadable digital information. Bexar
County is moving to a library free of books,
but rich with technology.

“We wanted to find a low-cost, effective
way to bring reading and learning to the
county and also focus on the change in
the world of technology. It will help
people learn,” Bexar County (TX, San
Antonio) Judge Nelson Wolff

Many people are comfortable with seeing
rows of books and magazines in the
libraries of today, but soon these may give
way to rows of flat screens and Tablets.
The direction is to fill libraries with
technology not books filled with printed text.
An example may look like an Apple store

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