Tai Chi helps the heart, mind, and soul

Tai Chi looks sexy and cool. I can recall being in Philadelphia and watching elderly Asians “make love to air” in slow, choreographed movements that  improve breathing, relaxation, and meditation.

Recent studies prove the martial arts technique of tai chi not only improves quality of life, but is an excellent practice for women who are at-risk of heart disease, the number one killer of my gender.

As we age, incorporating exercise into busy schedules becomes a challenge and the thought of leaving a tense workplace to attend an aerobic or spin class is often daunting, which is why more women simply pass and promise themselves to add an exercise regime as their New Year’s resolution.

Tai Chi Benefits Heart Patients (WebMD)


Not only is Tai Chi relaxing and meditative in practice, it doesn’t always require autonomy and is easy to learn. According to researchers, tai chi for heart failure patients is “safe and has good rates of adherence.”  Additional advantages are that it can decrease anxiety levels, improve one’s strength and  some moods disorders that generally require prescription drugs.

I’m sold. So long for sweatin’ to the oldies or limping in pain after one-hour Rumba classes. The latter are to be commended for their popular fitness contributions, but for those of us who desire a more peaceful pursuit to tame our ticker and stay ahead of heart disease, a spot under the sun and the circular flow of tai chi may be more than any doctor could order.

Penny Dickerson 2011

Tai Chi Helps Chronic Heart Failure Patients (eMax Health)


3 comments on “Tai Chi helps the heart, mind, and soul

  1. As a man who believes in and has greatly benefited from an intense exercise regimen over the past several years, I am now faced with having to rachet down the intensity because of physical challenges that result from growing older. This post—though aimed at women—has given me some ideas about staying on course to age gracefully while not tearing up aging muscles.


  2. trying to learn tai chi for meditation and well being.


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