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Soul Food: cultural lifestyle or disease trap?

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Soul Food ─ Cultural Lifestyle or Disease Trap?

 Florida Courier/New America Media , News Feature, Penny Dickerson, Posted: Feb 21, 2017

Photo: Olean McCaskill in her celebrated soul-food eatery, Olean’s.TALLAHASSEE, Fla.–The roots of soul food run deep within the annals of African American living. The South reigns as king of soul food cuisine. Its origins can be traced back to slavery when plantation owners allowed enslaved Africans to cook and eat only what known as the hog’s undesirable leftovers, the ears, feet, tail, stomach and the intestinal tract known as chitterlings or in the Southern vernacular, simply “chitlins.”

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Soul Food – Healthy & Alternative Preparations




new america media



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Some African-Americans have adapted new approaches to cooking, which leads to better health and living longer.

Editor’s note: This is the second installment on the legacy of soul food. Part 1 appeared in the Feb. 17 issue of the Florida Courier.


Soul food has taken center stage in the millennium as both a Southern indulgence and palate pleaser.

Restaurants boasting the original recipe of elderly relatives have opened throughout the Southeastern region of the country, and the ubiquitous food genre is even the focus of the reality television show, “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s.” Continue Reading »


EDITORIAL: Waiting at hospital, and one thing made it worse | jacksonville.com

Waiting at hospital, and one thing made it worse | jacksonville.com.

Waiting at hospital, and one thing made it worse

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Interview with Steve Harvey’s Personal Chef

‘Architect of flavor’ whips up Harvey’s healthy dishes

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Judson Allen died of a heart attack earlier this year ( May 2018). May he rest in peace.


Judson Todd Allen is a winner who loves to lose.

He has won a battle with weight, losing more than 135 pounds. next food network starHe auditioned for the “Next Food Network Star’’ four times before joining the 2012 cast. He again, lost but recalibrated. Continue Reading »


African American Childhood Obesity: the skinny on fat

This blog is featured in HBCU Lifestyles: http://hbculifestyle.com/contributor-how-you-can-help-african-american-youth-fight-obesity/

Being the fat kid will never be cool.

America is a skinny nation and an ad hoc committee on “acceptable appearance” has deemed that fat ain’t where it’s at and skinny is in. Media influences applaud the weight loss efforts of the rich and famous as their guant faces and emaciated bodies are flaunted on red-carpets. The recent exception was Gabrielle Sedibe whose round features earned her the lead role in the film, “Precious.” Personally, I remember her character’s story, not the actresses weight, but many others don’t share my reflections because  bone-thin is considered socially appropriate, beautiful to some, and the cultural standard that’s adverse to being obese. Continue Reading »

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Equal Voice National Magazine

Homeless Students in America: What Are We Doing to Help?

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Rajni Shankar-Brown moderates a student panel last year at Stetson University’s Poverty and Homeless Conference. Seated from left are Osceola County Homeless Liaison Gabriela Barros, Chantial Vasquez, Tiffaney Langhorne, Alexander Greene, Chyina Powell and Bryanna Anderson. Photo by Penny Dickerson
DELAND, Fla. — Bryanna Anderson is an African-American senior enrolled at Mainland High School in Daytona Beach. Amidst tears and fragile nerves, she shared an emotional story that chronicles a life of poverty and homelessness.
Her captive audience was a packed room of Volusia County educators and community leaders attending the 2015 Poverty and Homeless Conference (PHC) on Oct. 23 at Stetson University.

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Breast Cancer’s plight in Cuba

Daytona Times



‘Pink to Pink’ tour to Cuba


Palm Coast man leads trip to help area physicians and others learn more about the country’s battle against breast cancer.


Palm Coast resident Alberto N. Jones organized a trip to his native Cuba last month and included breast cancer survivors, physicians and well-wishing comrades. His wife, Silvia, is a survivor and served as motivation for the trip. In homage, Jones titled the voyage: “Pink to Pink” tour.

The plight of breast cancer in Havana was addressed by Cuban researchers and professionals during the “Pink to Pink” tour. A highlight was a visit to the National Oncology and Radiobiology Institute.(Photos by Alberto N. Jones)

Clinicians from the United States whose advocacy for the pastel color of breast cancer hope traveled to Havana with Jones in October to both commemorate and learn more about Cuba’s fight against breast cancer. Continue Reading »

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